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Welcome to Fellows Brewery.

A craft brewery based in the village of Cottenham, a few miles north of Cambridge. All our beers are all hand brewed in small batches using malted barley from East Anglia.

Brewing is a traditional industry and the history of the microbrewery type goes to the times when the majority of villages, cities and towns had their own brewery.

Brewing in Cottenham was a major local industry, thriving for over 50 years in the 19th century, with a large maltings, seven microbreweries (The Star and Dew Drop, The Chequers, The Cross Keys, The Cottenham Brewery, The Black Horse Inn & Brewery, The Fountain and The Hopbind) and 34 public houses serving a population of 2,414. The men of Cottenham were so noted for their drinking that they were called the ‘Cottenham Gulpers’. Brewing in Cottenham finished in 1905 when the last brewery in the village at the Hopbind changed hands, first to Bailey and Tebbutt and subsequently to Greene King & Sons Ltd. 

After over 100 years local brewing is back.

Fellows Brewery produces premium full mash cask ales. Our handcrafted beers are brewed in the traditional way to the highest possible standards. 

The quality malted barley is simply combined with hot brewing water to allow the starches in the grain to be naturally converted into sugars. This rich sweet liquid wort is drained from the grains and brought to the boil.

Whole hop flowers are added to the boil to contribute the bitterness, aroma and further flavour. The bitter wort is cooled rapidly and fresh yeast pitched to start fermentation. After several days the sugars in the fermenting beer have been mostly turned into alcohol. The beer is cooled so that the yeast starts to settle out from the beer over a few more days before finally transferring to cask.

Fellows commitment is to brewing quality beers. Starting from the delivery of raw materials, right through the brewing process until the ales are delivered. Our brewer is a biochemist, who was trained at Birmingham University, the first brewing school in England in 1896 and where the The British School of Malting and Brewing was established as a part of the original University.