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News and blog articles relating to Fellows Brewery.

"Sutton Festival offering the best in local talent"                                                           Ely Standard 15th June 2012

"41,000 soak up the sunshine with great brews"                                               Cambridge News 28th May 2012

"Plenty on tap for 39th beer festival"                                                                   Cambridge News 21st May 2012

"Cambridge Winter Beer Festival 16"                                                                       Pints and Pubs 20th January 2012                                    

"Cambridge Winter Beer 2012"                                                                                   On the Grape Vine January 2012

"Winter Ale Festival warms up"                                                                        Cambridge News 17th January 2012

Green Man Grantchester Christmas Beer Festival                                                      Beer Talk 18th December 2011                                

"Miscell-ALE-ia"                                                                                                       ALE November - December 2011

"Best time for beer, says Camra as guide is updated"                                        Cambridge News 15th September 2011

"Reopened pub aims to tap into traditional market"                                             Cambridge News 26th August 2011

"Strawberry Fair and Oakham Ales"                                                                         Beer Talk 6th June 2011

"Cambridge Beer Festival"                                                                                    Varsity 27th May 2011

"A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do - but before that its time for the 38th Cambridge Beer Festival"                                                                                             Cambridgeshire Life 26th May 2011

"Local breweries to showcase ale at 38th Cambridge Beer Festival"                          Cambridge First 22nd May 2011

"The 38th Cambridge Beer Festival"                                                                    Explorer Magazine May 2011

Brewery News                                                                                                         ALE May-June 2011

"Ale Fellows, Well Brewed"                                                                                       ALE Jan-Feb 2011

"Half Pints"                                                                                                        Opening Times Issue 145 Winter 2010/11